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Photo Simic exists for many years.It`s one of sparse companies which originated back in the year of 1935 and which survived up to recently. Its founder was Mr.SretenSimic. We are his descendants engaged in this business.We are located in the close centre of the town near the Ministry of internal affairs,the Community,the Local administration of public affairs and the Post office.


We perform services of making from digital and analogous media.We photograf and record all kinds of celebrations: weddings,army send -off parties, birthday parties,final examination parties and all other jubilations. We take pictures for documents, we make visit cards,invitations,agenda,we take pictures on bases for computer mouse, puzzles, cups,shirt and tops.caps.We copy,bind ,plastify,type and print seminar and diploma papers.We also sell albums,films, picture frames,batteries,chargers,memory cards,cables,small bags, video and dvd films of all types as well as other digital apparatus and cameras by order.